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At the New Literacy Programme we are creating and publishing materials that are designed to help people:
  1. Learn English really well, while never feeling out of depth and always enjoying themselves. 
  2. Teach English to other people. We call it tutoring, or helping. 
You don’t need to be a trained teacher to teach English to yourself or someone else. You just need to know how to do it. 
We have been studying that, and developing materials across the last 20 years. We have only just begun to publish.
Our materials are based on discoveries about why people are having trouble with English these days. 
The trouble isn’t because of the students. Students are clever.
It isn’t because of English itself. English is a great language.
It’s because of how English is being taught. 
Teachers haven’t had the chance to learn enough about how English actually works, how it is put together and the patterns in it. 
Partly, this knowledge got lost.  So teachers these days never had the chance to learn it. That makes their job very hard!
Partly, there are ways that people naturally like to learn English, which haven’t been noticed before. When you know this, it’s much easier to teach or learn English.
Our materials are based on the old knowledge about how English works and new observations about how people like to learn it. See the diagram here for our materials. Not all of these are completed. We will publish in stages.
Anyone can benefit.
You can enter the system at any stage and jump around and do a bit or a lot.
You don’t have to lock into a long series of courses and pay a lot of money before you get results!
We help you choose the right materials for your needs.
Our stuff is for people of any age and any stage of learning English, including people who tried before and gave up, or didn’t get great results. 
People who are really good at English can become even better, using these materials. 
People who are not native English speakers can use many of our materials, but they need to know some basic English first, or have a translator.
Our materials can be used in many settings:
  • Self-teaching at home or anywhere - if you can read the instructions in the manual, you can teach yourself.
  • In study or other groups, while you’re travelling.
  • At home with helpers such as grandparents, other family members or friends.
  • In family day care, child care centres, preschools, home schools, libraries, outdoors.
  • On the job, or as part of job training.
  • In all kinds of schools or colleges, universities or tutoring businesses.
  • In private tutoring classes or just with study buddies.
  • In camps, prisons or hospitals - as long as students have enough nutrition, are not using drugs that prevent learning and are not too upset to concentrate on the materials.


We use our own approach to learning English. It is made up of:
  1. Playing games where you always win.
  2. A simple question and answer method, which brings out more and more of your natural talent for learning things - not just English.
  3. Having fun. People don’t actually learn when they are not enjoying the activity of learning.
Our approach is built into our instruction manuals, worksheets, games and other materials. You learn our approach by doing it. 
You could also
  • Do our course to learn it faster.
  • Get individual help.


We don’t have a lot of computer-based learning materials.
Our approach involve lots of activities, moving around, being with other people, drawing, making things, going outside.
We find that students mostly prefer learning with people rather than mainly from a computer - unless the tutor’s really hopeless or the materials are no good. Maybe we’ll do more computer based stuff later. We’ll see.